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$166m secured for fufulso-Damango-Sawla road…. Sod cutting ceremony slated for this May-published Tuesday, 15th March 2011

Francis Npong, Tamale
The government has secured USD$166 million from the Africa Development Bank (AFDB) for the construction of Fufulso-Damongo-Sawla road. So far the committee set up by the Ghana High Authority to overseer the project had worked 154880 Ghana cedis compensation package to benefit 37 project affected persons.
 The District Chief Executive for West Gonja, Hon. Adam Mutawakilo disclosed this to the Enquirer in an exclusive interview at the Nyakpala campus of the university for Development Studies.
According to the DCE, the former President John A. Kufour led NPP government threw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians when he cut sod for the construction of that road.
He said Mr. Kufour who was at the time knew there was no fund for that project did so for political expediency. “As at the time they left office, the NPP could not tell Ghanaians the contract sum, the contractors, consultants, engineers and the source of funding for Fufulso-Damango-Sawla road project”, he said.
Mr. Mutawakilo told the Enquirer that Mr. Kufour and his government was dishonest to the people of the region saying that “the 2008 elections scare forced them to cut the sod for that project whereas there was no fund for the project”.
The DCE assured the people of the region that a proper sod cutting celebration would take place in May by the president whose commitment to people’s welfare can not be underestimated.
The road he said when constructed would link up northern and upper West region and would also contribute to the socio-economic transformation of the people of the area.
Fufulso-Damango-Sawla road had been in a deplorable state for decades now though various governments have been promising to construct it but that never happens. President Mills NDC would have made history if it was able to construct Eastern Corridor and Fufulso-Damango-Sawla road after fulfilling the promise to give the teaching hospital a new block and renovation of the existing one. The regions including upper East would have been grateful to the NDC should the SADA and other projects come to fruition by the end of term of the government. 

About Npong Balikawu Francis

Npong Baliakwu Francis is a professional multi-media journalist, editor, writer, rapporteur, photographer, expert in digital photo story, videographer, and script and content writer with experience in international reporting.


2 thoughts on “$166m secured for fufulso-Damango-Sawla road…. Sod cutting ceremony slated for this May-published Tuesday, 15th March 2011

  1. The fact of the issue at stake to we the people of the West Gonja District and also to the general users of the Fufulso – Damongo – Sawla road is that, we would only believe and forever give our mandate to any government that would feel and hear our cry as also being part of this country, and that is by constructing the road. It's always very pathetic each time an emergency health case beyond the West Gonja Hospital is referred to the Tamale Teaching hospital or any other health center out of Damongo. For that matter we would only wait until we see work commence on the road but as for promises, we are not ready to work with them any longer.


    Posted by KAPAPA | March 18, 2011, 2:00 pm
  2. This threate does not hold because the Chiefs never some coins to feed their many wives and children. what the fulanis py them for the use of good agricultural alnds for grazing is not enough. Ask Busunuwura and Damongowura for the truth of this observation. West Gonja which was producing so much food has not become a drought and famine striken area because of these 2 Chiefs nd the Yagbonwura. The root cause being that no proper Gonja Chief has a classmate; they are 99.9% illiterate and their only source of income is tribute and taxes from the once conquered tribes (Hanga, Vagla, Safaliba, Choriban, Tampulima, Kamara) and the settler tribes like the Dagomba, Sissala, Dagartis, Frafras, Birfos etc… This together with the Fulani invasion is brewing conflict, making even the princes uncomfortable with their illiterate fathers who are the Chiefs. Thus, Gonjaland can be said to be on a time bomb. This explains why Gonja Chiefsdo not earn enough now to feed their many wivesand numerous children. Even felling the trees for charcoal does not solve their problem.

    Hence, John Mahama upon denying them needs to appear again in Gonjaland with 50 cedis for each Chief and they would become campain managers for NDC. They have no problems with that.So, good luck GONJA LAND.


    Posted by MARKEEN NDEWURA | March 21, 2012, 7:00 pm

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